Audiology Services

Our office employs:

who all take pride in providing outstanding patient care. We have 3 convenient locations in the Las Vegas Valley where we perform diagnostic hearing evaluations, and provide hearing aids along with vestibular testing and management.

If your physician diagnoses a hearing loss, we offer a comprehensive hearing aid evaluation. Our knowledgeable hearing aid staff will assist you in finding the appropriate hearing aid for your needs and lifestyle. We dispense all types of hearing aids from conventional hearing devices to the latest sophisticated digital hearing devices with blue tooth technology. We are an independent hearing aid distributor which allows us to distribute aids from all the leading manufacturers, such at Oticon, Widex, and Phonak.

Hearing Aids

ENTC offers hearing aids in a variety of sizes from the latest state of the art smallest invisible in the canal (IIC) to the largest behind the ear (BTE) aids. Using digital technology, each hearing aid is custom programmed to match the individual patient